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" "How can you be so rescue! Her legs have been broken into this, and I suspect that the infection caused by an allergy, you have what is the use spray liquor, feudal superstition kill people, ah! If there is anything this aunt, that you killed you know! I let the police catch you! you do not know how many people will be killed !! " Young doctor became very excited, as if he were in the face of a group of ignorant people. Grandmother's expression became somewhat serious, looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, you show it to see grandma." I should cry, he stopped and turned to face her, "You come to see me play ah. " I frowned, "how you strange ah. "Dead stuff! Dare you come to my house!" Grandma suddenly behind me shouted it, immediately, put something to throw something in the past, the grandmother threw Fengxia be hit, 'Ow' ! On coping scream suddenly he disappeared, leaving only a pool of water damage." Grandma said, pointing to the hand of her mother Tracy legs. Because along the way has been thinking about things, and so they recovered when the grandmother has given me to the river, I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother "doing here ah. nike basketball jerseys

" Grandma nodded, "oh. nike battle red texans jerseys Zhuowei Shu t follow my father strapped Zhuo King hurried toward the house walked beside soul sister kept saying "Slow down, slow ah! Ah small scene, a small scene you hear me?" I looked blankly Zhuo scene that, if I had not seen him before, could not believe that was strapped to his father, his face covered with a red pimple, it seems to be a myriad mosquitoes layers of bite up, particularly palsy people, and also one of those knots shiny shiny, it is like a tightly next to one of the blisters. "Well, she is my niece." "Wait a minute. Grandma was sitting on the kang, one eye swollen grandfather gave her back posted plaster, I put in front of ginseng to send a grandmother "Grandma, you eat, the children say, you eat this Jiuhaola! " "You heard him speak?" Grandma looked ginseng, looked at me and could not help asking. nike baltimore ravens jerseys " "Oh, well, if .

" Before I looked up, I heard Xu brother dollars milk and milk sound gas opening behind me "Grandma came back. " Grandma waved his hand, took the envelope "OK, you do not say, and the money I received, I have to thank you, let me hold either Jiao Long gone, we too boring old married couple days off. nike baskeball jerseys " I shook my head, sensed this tap water bewitched, "the dead do not scare. "Yeah, Huijuan, what are you pregnant, ah, a few months you, ye did not call home to notify it soon. " Then grandma patted me on the back, "Johnson dragon ah, ah all right, all right to go home, while going to the old Oona last incense, everything our family could not come, who can not scare you ah, do not be afraid, grandmother of it is still here. Plus wave after the Cultural Revolution, and grandmother picked up the old business, so this is also bogged down certain distance, my mother went to the county junior high school did not finish the work, and then married there, almost notification grandmother she soon married, do not let grandma go wrong, of course, went to the grandmother, the natural result is touched with a bloody nose.