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" Angel looked at me, "You are my sister?" I nod, "ah. nike jerseys for nfl " Grandma hand embrace the embrace my shoulder, looked at my father, "yes ah, ambition, Jiao Long, or I'll take it. " I looked down at my own children vest shorts, I this one is new, there are new plastic sandals, just look around people wear, I do not know what is worse than them, so that I feel grandmother my heart shall not awkward." His face some displeasure, took a step back to avoid the direct spiritual sister's hand, "there is no fever. nike jerseys nfl china " Then go back and look at just a promise. " "The children of this hormone in the end will affect what's, ah, not that, not that the extra guy something to cut it, how so much money, we sell a house on land sales is not enough ah." Tracy man a little nervous, but still got the wine and gave it to her grandmother, the grandmother took the wine eyes closed after drink a big mouth, and then facing Tracy mother's legs "Poof !!! "look, the whole wine sprayed out.

" "Ma aunt ah, three lame Shaa bring you home." Do not want to go back and there is no way oppressed ah, I do not make unhappy grandmother, only bend with himself. nike jets nfl jerseys contract " Grandma said Tracy father a piece of land is not very good, otherwise the mouse will not go to the scourge, let their home to find a piece of land, of course, looking for a good block Amityville Horror is not so simple things, so only temporarily put Tracy's father continued placed there, but anyway the immediate thing is to solve the. I stuck his head through the window with grandpa waved until the car pulled away bumps along the way, I just close your eyes, do not know whether it was in a dream, I saw smiling children standing in front of me, "Sister, you to see the man it! " "Who?" A Ji Ling, I suddenly sat up, looked at me the grandmother next to "dreaming ah." Heart Yun looked at me and smiled, "hey, while Aunt give you red bag ah, ah not to mention, it looks big eyes Jojo'd quite like my ambition ah, rural children is too dark tan ah, aunt ah, good to dress up a little, ah, you do not get confused with the tomboy like." I was squeezed in the back, even the doctors have gone on ahead, crane your neck looking toward that hole, I also want to go inside to see, just to hard to look inside, when suddenly the hand was caught, I bowed my head, actually that little baby, can not help a little surprised, "how are you.

" I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother, "I rescued the big Ah?" I do not remember, the last memory that I kept fluttering in the river, extremely uncomfortable." Heart Yun pulled her, "You go back to the house!" And then look to the grandmother "Come aunt, into the house, which stood in doing ah, to see Huijuan, born the eldest son these days, yesterday to put my mom excited bad, this is a fine dared not tell she, tens of thousands of ah. nike jerseys nfl cheap Soul sister some helpless smile, looking grandmother "Where is the popular thing ah, not by his light. "I'm not alone in this house, and not a minute too." I did not look up, looking down at the ground saying we were playing with sticks of trees.