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" "Ok. Grandma looked at the stone saw half a day just nodded and said, "God, ah, God." "Go back Gansha ah, you just do not still like it here. "Zhuo Wei! You listen to me now, and quickly go to the hospital !!" soul sister still loud talking, heart Yun aunt in the side of a hurry to ask "spiritual ah, this is ye ah. nfl steelers jerseys women "All right! I can not tell you useless, I mainly want to bring to the big city to see a doctor Jiao Long, how, do not let you see a doctor ah." Grandma nodded and looked at the hands of ginseng, shook his head, "Jiao Long ah, you put it back, thank him for me, ah, now can not eat, was enough for forty-nine days, otherwise, he this will not stay long." "You look at your mother behind.

Just went to my house, I saw Tracy busy panic ran over, then my heart was instinctively think it was Tracy's children have a thing, or else she would not be so anxious." Soul sister looked at me and smiled and continued, "but the impact face of the city ah. I suddenly anxious, and it's holding his thigh, "No! You can not go !! It was twins, you give him buried! You give him buried! You can not sell him !!!" "You're a girl would you silly ah! I buried him there with you, you did not hear and quickly let go, do not think you play with him he is yours, you know you ass ah !!" I was clinging to his legs and hold "He is not mine, nor is it to you, he is a son, you give him buried! He is in the mountains !!!" "Go!" Three cripple the hard, directly to me flung to one side, I have to stand up and rushed to him directly that he flew slightly lame leg kick to kick to my stomach, and I was on could not carry, "ah!" screams a cry, she stepped back and direct his palms on the ground, that he almost did not want to kick a little life." I'm sleepy anxious, murmured replied "That's my own money, you buy the building. nfl steelers throwback jerseys Grandmother's expression became somewhat serious, looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, you show it to see grandma. nfl steelers youth jerseys " I looked at him, "Hey! Kids children ! how can you not have a name, ah, so big mountain, I where to find you, ah, hello !! " I cried, I sat up from the kang ass, mouth breathing heavily wheezes.

" Elevator rise of the moment, I feel limp and direct hugged her grandmother: "This move !! basking!" Soul sister laughed: "Jojo, this is the elevator, we stand there, it will give us upstairs, you see, this number is rising it. ah! "snapped! And loudly." Then, the grandmother took me, dodging what seemed like too, turned and left in a hurry, not even Zhuoshu Shu with the office to say hello, so unlike her. nfl steelers jerseys polamalu " Grandma looked at her stomach and also quite surprised, put down the eggs look of concern and asked outlet ." Grandma looked at him "ambition ah, I just let you help to buy a ticket, you do not have money, Jiao Long illness I have money to see." "Jojo?" He raised an eyebrow and looked at me doing the silent mouth "little liar. Heart Yun glanced at him, "Is not that Laoke it, tens of thousands who do not feel bad ah, the original can be saved, this booing, perhaps hundreds of thousands later have to take to go, aunt, you do not say who follow angry ah, we are one people, all know that money is not the wind blowing, you say it.