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" "Jojo do?" Spiritual sister looked at me puzzled, then nodded his head. I was hiding in the side, and now she is no matter what the expression, I have a kind of weird feeling indescribable. Sometimes I think the grandmother almost caught up in our village doctor, because grandma would Pharmaceuticals, giving treatment of cough or something, but the drugs are free to grandma, she often said, the village folks is not easy, drugs are what it is not worth the money in the mountains to dig, eat, trying to be difficult, not kind. nfl stitched jerseys " "What ah!" I put on a better look of disdain." Grandmother gave him a "Do not you understand that means sensible. nfl stitched jerseys china " Heart Yun crashed beside Aunt he said. . Soul sister laughed, watching her grandmother, "Aunt ah, you do not have such a big reaction, ah, I'm surprised, in fact, ah, I was a bit selfish, this little scene ah, Big Brother house is Zhuo Wei child, so to said Zhuo Wei abroad can be a pioneer leader, it also accounts for his brother's light, so, this family ah Zhuo, Zhuo scene are all special favors, but kids was ill, relatively aloof personality . nfl superbowl jerseys

"Tricycle very cool. " "No, you are a boy, Jiao Long, you have been a lie, in fact, you are a boy. I should be a mouth, a look of puzzled grandmother walked around, and this time they have to play out the coffin, I saw the bodies of a slide down the big mouse, and almost always to be into a fine, big head just like a big rabbit was, I felt to see the exciting moment." Grandma stood up, "I posters for a lifetime, can know what to say and what not to say, because you are my relatives, so I'm back today to break the taboo, to talk to you to understand, that children who have to go, especially the elderly, when the face will go off phase, adults can not see, so the children looked cry, so to speak, you understand me. Before leaving, my grandmother said only one sentence "If dead, you give a phone call to inform soon Men, Men here quickly do a death certificate, good for a second child indicators." Grandpa this time next inserted a mouth. nfl stitched jerseys cheap " "Ah, yes, the first time.

"At first son, early in the morning you drink wine, ah, but also to large practices Ah, how small her child ah." Dad is also next to the mouth "will jump in." Grandma looked kang Fengxia, her neck still has a few of her own pinch out fingerprints, mouth said, "When you wake up young married woman, you put your mother and ask her where to go to get the pendant, and so we found the pendant, then come to me." Grandma nodded, "OK, I'm so to speak, the most recent year, is not your little granddaughter like you do not close up. Grandma looked at me, "Jiao Long, you will be more powerful than her grandmother, you see these scared yet today. "You let the police come to see, the two of us who easily kill people. " I slow for a long time Huanguo Lai and her grandmother went to the old Xianer on incense, and it was at night when sleeping grandmother hugged, then summer, very hot day, but I'd rather sweat, nor own lying, finally sleepy anxious, he fell asleep.