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" I was a sour, took her hand, "Great, yeah, you got me, I Hello, when I said let me basking you come to my house. Zhuo Wei frowned, looked at the grandmother "Ma Jiao Long?" Grandmother some helpless smile, "I played nickname, her parents do not often go back, so the neighbors to take her children that she told me jokingly named Ma, so this child named Ma think they do." And then look to the father, "you go ah !!" "Too late." I think they can not see those snakes ah, those yellow child should just saw three lame like a madman himself played a drama, so they understand their curiosity. nhl cheap jerseys free shipping " I stared at her, "You mean you want to take your mother with you die?" This is like a dream that the child told me the same ah." "Ah, yes, the first time." Dad some fat ignorant, watching Zhuoshu Shu "home no red chopsticks ah." Before then finished, legs straight knees on the ground, the body of a crooked, and fell down. nhl cheap jerseys outlet

Grandmother's expression became somewhat serious, looked at me, "Johnson dragon ah, you show it to see grandma. nhl cheap jerseys shop " "Oh, I'm sorry ah, I forgot you do not like to move you. I do not know where they come from strength, then staggered from the ground up, reach out and touch a large stone as he smashed in the past, "three lame !! You can not sell children !!" The large stone straight three lame head went, and then I heard three lame 'smothered' cry, holding his head back and looked at me and Wood "is smaller than the bastard, you dare ." "I am the boy!" I said, staring eyes, his father's face was suddenly a stiff, silent moment looking at me like look. nhl cheap jerseys from china He stick a pouting, "No, I do not like her, she would like to take you with her daughter to go with her daughter to accompany her below, you accompany her daughter, she is a bad woman, she wanted to harm you." "Who, then let him give broken broken ah." Grandpa holding me, beside me asked, I shook my head, feeling Huanguo Lai point, "I all right.

" Xu Gang shocked "Ma aunt, then, how do ah . When we turned around, only to find Xu dollar has been in the back, watching my grandma, tearful opening "Ma grandmother, my mother will not die of it. I instantly scared to open-mouthed shouting loudly "aunt aunt !! Great !! Ah! Ah big !!!" No one answered me, calm river, of course, makes me afraid, they instinctively think it is drowning, because the village every year there are several bathing in the river drowned children, this is the grandmother would not let me go to the river to play one of the reasons. Heart Yun glanced at him, "Is not that Laoke it, tens of thousands who do not feel bad ah, the original can be saved, this booing, perhaps hundreds of thousands later have to take to go, aunt, you do not say who follow angry ah, we are one people, all know that money is not the wind blowing, you say it." "Look sick row. " My gaze fell on the grandmother has a direct share in the kang character, and attribution of what I do not understand, but next to the name I write it is know, the LIN Qiao, that's my name.