Andorians were one of the first four alien species to form the Federation of Planets; the other three were humans, Vulcans, and Tellarites.

Lt. Saavik (Star Trek II)

Star Trek : Classic Movies Series by Playmates Lt. Saavik, as seen in ‘Wrath of Khan’ Two actresses played the Vulcan Lt. Saavik : Kirstie Alley, and Robin Curtis. Even…

Picard as Galen

Star Trek : Mixed Series 5 by Playmates Picard as Galen, from the episode “Gambit, Pts. 1 and 2” Galen comes with purple accessories and a ‘Picard’ Starfleet base. The…

Ambassador Spock

Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 2 by Playmates Ambassador Spock Ambassador Spock, from the episode ‘Unification’, comes with dark pink/purplish Romulan accessories, a Vulcan book, and a Vulcan IDIC…


Sarek includes includes some very cool, blue accessories (a harp, a gong, a medallion, and a book) and an IDIC / Vulcan logo base.