Star Trek : 5.5″ Warp Factor Series 1 by Playmates Q This Q is accompanied by a Q base, and black “pirate” accessories, including a dueling sword and a “pirate”…



In one fictional universe written by Peter David, Trelane is actually the son of Q – not to be confused with the canonical Q2 from Voyager.

Q in Deep Space Nine

Q in Deep Space Nine Uniform

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series 2 by Playmates Q in Deep Space Nine Uniform Q includes aqua accessories (including a blue Orb box), and a Starfleet base. DS9 Q’s…

Q in Judge’s Robes

Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 3 by Playmates Q in Judge’s Robes This version of Q, the second one released in this scale, includes aqua accessories and a unique…