Quarantainment : Digging Your Own Crates, Part 8

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American Sentai : Weird 90s Games

The 1980s and 90s were a golden age of licensing cool kid junk. If it was a TV show for kids, you’d be able to find everything from video games…

Star Wars TV Games

TV Games Plug & Play Showcase : Star Weirds

Behold the the Plug ‘n’ Play : small consoles, usually completely contained with in a single controller, which included four or five simple games. Pop in some batteries, plug it into the A/V ports in your TV, and you’re set.

One Album Wonder : Rudi Vannelli

Virtuoso guitarist Rudi Vannelli died in 1961 of a heart attack, five years after he released his one and only album on Verve Records, 11 tracks under the title Maestro…

Arnie LP Cover

Arnie the Snake : Vintage Educational LPs

From the beginning of time, mankind has always tried to find ways to make kids less stupid, because when you really break it down, most kids are just a spindly…

Bootleg Batmen 2 : Play Arts Kai or Die

Welcome to comic nerd confessional blog #452 : I love when superheroes and villains get mashed together into brand new, ridiculous, probably stupid characters. Sure, there’s always some convoluted and…