Mirror Spock

Star Trek : Warp Factor Series 3 by Playmates Spock in “Mirror Mirror” Accompanied by a Mirror Starfleet base, and black accessories.

Mister Spock

Star Trek : Mixed Series 5 by Playmates Mister Spock, as seen in the pilot episode “The Cage” Spock, as he was depicted in the pilot episode alongside Captain Pike,…

Spock in Dress Uniform

Star Trek : Starfleet Officers Collectors Set by Playmates Commander Spock in Dress Uniform This set of six figures includes Picard and Riker in Dress Uniforms, Kirk and Spock in formal Dress Uniforms, and re-packs of the…

Ambassador Spock

Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 2 by Playmates Ambassador Spock Ambassador Spock, from the episode ‘Unification’, comes with dark pink/purplish Romulan accessories, a Vulcan book, and a Vulcan IDIC…


Sarek includes includes some very cool, blue accessories (a harp, a gong, a medallion, and a book) and an IDIC / Vulcan logo base.