Swarm Alien

As seen in the Voyager episode ‘The Swarm’, this unnamed ‘Swarm Alien’ comes with a blue base and two purple (or gold) pistols.

Transporting Chekov

Star Trek : Transporter Series 1 by Playmates Ensign Pavel Chekov ‘Transporter’ Pavel Chekov is accompanied by a light & sound base, in the style of the Original Series transporters….

Borg Queen

Star Trek : Warp Factor Series 5 Borg Queen Though the Borg Queen was played by two different actresses (Alice Krige for First Contact and the Voyager finale, and Susanna…

Data in Dress Uniform

Star Trek : The Next Generation Series 3 Data in Dress Uniform Formalwear Data comes with purple accessories, and a body identical to Geordi in Dress Uniform. In the endless…

Interstellar Borg

Interstellar Action Series Borg Drone There were only two figures in Playmates’ Interstellar Action series, both with action features : a rifle-firing Geordi, and this laser-firing Borg. This Borg has…


Star Trek : The Corbomite Maneuver Boxed Set by Playmates Balok Exclusive to this boxed set.