Mindless Shelf Indulgence exists to explore the relationship between pop culture, the objects that come from pop culture, and the role that these things play in a much larger scale: historically, creatively, emotionally and even spiritually.

I’ve spent a lifetime marinating in the geekier outreaches of pop culture, with much of that time spent writing an ongoing travelogue about the stuff that goes on there. In 2003, I co-created All Nerd Review, a blog which was completely concerned with nerd culture, before the word ‘blog’ was widely used and ‘nerd culture’ was still a shameful thing. This evolved into writing roles on other websites, both nerdy and otherwise: ToyCyte, Graphic Novel Reporter, Splice Today, Kevchino, Geek Exchange, ZergNet, and a position as a full-time pop culture and collecting expert at A+E partner website Collectors Quest, with writing credits on Biography.com.

Geek culture involves a lot of buying things, and a lot of little talismans and artifacts to connect us to the things we’re passionate about. Some of this is love, but some of it is pure compulsion. Here, we inspect the meaning of these objects, and if they’re worth the space they consume. These aren’t reviews; these are discussions of relevance.

About the author

Grew up in a small town, worked in a library for way too long, but developed a love of research and information. Worked for various startups focusing on collecting and pop culture, spent a few years as a freelance designer and illustrator. By day, edits scripts for a popular YouTube channel. By night, it’s 80s horror movies, writing, and art. Once drove 9.5 hours because of Creating Rem Lezar. Contributed to the academic collection and preservation of Voice-O-Graph records. Was born too late to be one of the 1980s Groundlings, but would have fit right in.

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