Star Trek : The Next Generation Series 3 by Playmates
Hugh, a Borg

Hugh includes grey accessories, and a red claw Borg logo base with the words ‘Hugh Borg‘ on it. There are multiple Borg figures that are extremely similar; this one has a friendly face and an uncovered head. Hugh’s first appearance, in the episode ‘I, Borg’, had massive ramifications for the Borg; Picard declined to send him back to the Collective with a virus that would cripple the Borg, but his newfound individuality sent his entire ship into disarray, and into the arms of Data’s evil brother, Lore.

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C. David is a writer and artist living in the Hudson Valley, NY. He loves pinball, Wazmo Nariz, Rem Lezar, MODOK, pogs, Ultra Monsters, 80s horror, and is secretly very enthusiastic about everything else not listed here.