This page serves as a basic archive for Playmates 4.5″ Star Trek action figure line, organized by set. Each image links to a fuller description with images of accessories, and how to distinguish one similar figure from another. Eventually, each will be populated with more info. For now, please subscribe to Star Trek Toy-a-Day on Instagram for a daily feed of Trek trivia and more details about each of these action figures.

The Next Generation: Series 1

The Next Generation: Series 2

The Next Generation: Series 3 (7th Season)

The Next Generation: Series 4

“Mixed” Series 5


Boxed Sets, Exclusives & Mail-Aways

Missing from this gallery : “Video Game Mail-Away” Benjamin Sisko, “Huntsville” Montgomery Scott, Transporting Tasha Yar, Blue Seven of Nine [UK Exclusive], Purple Seven of Nine [Target Ex.], First Contact Riker, First Contact Troi, First Contact Data, Movie Uniform Beverly Crusher [UK Ex.], Flashback Kathryn Janeway, Captain Calhoun, Translucent Geordi LaForge as Tarchannen Alien, “Where No Man” Lt. Scott, “Where No Man” Sulu, Galileo Shuttle Kirk & “Redemption” Data.

Starfleet Academy

Deep Space Nine : Series 1

Deep Space Nine : Series 2

Voyager : Series 1

Voyager : Series 2

Classic Movies

Warp Factor : Series 1

Warp Factor : Series 2

Warp Factor : Series 3

Warp Factor : Series 4

Warp Factor : Series 5

Interstellar Action Series

Transporter Series

5.5″ Series : Warp Factor 1

5.5″ Series : Warp Factor 2

Star Trek : First Contact

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