Star Trek :Mixed Series 5 by Playmates
Tom Paris Mutated

From the episode “Threshold”, Tom Paris is accompanied by a blank Voyager base, a grey phaser, and three brown mutant babies. Paris became this odd mutant after breaking the transwarp barrier and existing in all places at the same time… which somehow turned him into a lizard creature and also caused Janeway to turn into a lizard creature, and they went off and had mutant babies together, and never spoke of it again. It is often regarded as one of the worst and weirdest Star Trek episodes of all time.

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C. David is a writer and artist living in the Hudson Valley, NY. He loves pinball, Wazmo Nariz, Rem Lezar, MODOK, pogs, Ultra Monsters, 80s horror, and is secretly very enthusiastic about everything else not listed here.