Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 1 by Playmates
Commander William T. Riker

Includes gold accessories and a Type-II Phaser (second photo is missing a gold scanning device on a short stick). Series 1 Riker has ‘battle damage’ tears on his shirt and leg; a later Thomas Riker figure used the exact same body by just painting over the tears. Did Riker ever really get in that many fights to warrant battle damage? The answer is definitely no. Starfleet used phasers as a last resort, but every figure haas a hand stuck into a deadly pistol grip.

We never got a proper First Season (or movie) Riker figure without a beard, even though we got him as an alien and an old man. Actor Jonathan Frakes grew in his beard during Season 2, and its appearance is often considered the turning point of the show’s improving quality.

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