Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 2 by Playmates
Commander William Riker in Season 2 Uniform

Season 2 Riker includes aqua accessories: a tricorder, a field kit, and a directional UV source. Series 2 Riker has a short collar and no rips on his shirt, which separates him from the previous Riker figure. However, his leg is repainted from Series 1 “battle damaged” Riker – so it has a painted-over tear. This is pretty close to being a First Season Riker… except for the mighty beard. Has anyone tried a head-swap with Starfleet Academy Riker?

Telling Riker figures apart is all about the shoulders and the different markings through different seasons and films. Generations Riker has arms with no articulation; his evil twin, Thomas Riker, is often in a gold uniform.

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