Star Trek : Mixed Series 5 by Playmates
Counselor Deanna Troi as Durango

From the episode ‘A Fistful of Datas’, Troi / Durango is accompanied by gold accessories (2 guns, keys, and a clock) and a ‘Troi’ Starfleet base. While the romance between Worf and Troi wouldn’t develop until the final season (and then quickly disappear), the writers of the show intended for this episode to be a proper introduction to the unusual, but intentional, romance between the pair.

Four figures were produced based on this episode : Durango, Data (in a 3-pack), and a Worf & Alexander 2-pack (which was repainted for the aforementioned Data 3-pack). Unfortunately, we never got many of the other weird versions of data that overtook the holodeck town.

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C. David is a writer and artist living in the Hudson Valley, NY. He loves pinball, Wazmo Nariz, Rem Lezar, MODOK, pogs, Ultra Monsters, 80s horror, and is secretly very enthusiastic about everything else not listed here.