Star Trek : The Next Generation Series 3 by Playmates
Captain jean-Luc Picard as Dixon Hill

Dixon Hill, a detective played by Picard during his holodeck excursions, is accompanied by a ‘Dixon Hill’ base, and blue accessories: a phone, a pistol, and a lamp. This figure was released twice; once in this single-pack, and  repainted in brown for a boxed set. Dixon Hill was originally going to be called Dixon Steele, but it was feared that the name was too similar to ‘Remington Steele’, another popular TV detective.

Hill was accompanied later by a 1940s version of Beverly Crusher, as well as Data. Other holodeck-inspired figures include Worf, Data, and Troi as cowboys. Tragically, we never got Data and Geordi as Holmes and Watson, nor a Moriarty figure.

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