Star Trek: The Next Generation Series 3 by Playmates
Captain Jean-Luc Picard as a Romulan

Picard, disguised as a Romulan, includes (an upside-down) Romulan base, a black Romulan phaser, and purple accessories – most notably, a bowl of soup. Picard and Data both disguised themselves as Romulans for the two-episode arc ‘Unification’, which also featured Ambassador Spock and Sarek. For as progressive as Star Trek always was, having humans dress up as other races was never really given a second thought; half of DS9 dressed up as Klingons to infiltrate a Klingon party, Riker masqueraded as a Malcorian, and Neelix hung out as Ferengi in one episode. But you do you, Star Trek. Giving Picard some head bumps made for a good episode.

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